Military Diet Shopping List (Groceries to Buy)

A lot of people have already followed the military diet and lost a minimum of 6 pounds and some have even lost up to 10 pounds in just 3 days.

The weight loss results depend on several factors like the age, sex, body composition, metabolism etc…So, you should remember that the results your friend has achieved will not match with yours.

The thumb rule for successful weight loss results through the military diet is – follow the diet without cheating. Yes! If you stick to the 3 day diet program without making changes to it, then you’ll surely see the results for yourself.

I’ve been getting a lot of queries asking me to share the military diet grocery list so that it would be easy for them to buy those selected food items from the store.

Having a shopping list handy will make you not forget the important foods that are necessary in your diet.

P.S: Replace the foods with military diet substitutes only if you can’t eat the suggested foods, else it is always advised to stick with the original military diet for best weight loss results.

3 Days Military Diet Grocery Shopping List

Tuna (3 Cans)Vanilla Ice Cream
Broccoli (small head)Cottage Cheese (small qty)
Bananas (2), Apple (2)Cheddar Cheese (small qty)
Coffee or Tea (with Caffeine)Saltine Crackers
Grapefruit (1)Hot Dogs (without buns)
Peanut ButterGreen Beans
Meat of your Choice (3 oz)Whole Wheat Bread (Brown)

Don’t want to interrupt your diet schedule? Then pack your refrigerator with these military diet groceries 3 days ahead so that you don’t have to go to the local store again to buy those missing food items.

3 Day Military diet Grocery list Download
Download the Grocery List for 3 Days Military Diet Plan

Military Diet Foods & Nutritional Information

Not just weight loss, the foods suggested on the 3 day military diet also comes with added health benefits for overall well being.

Health Benefits of Tuna

1 can of chunk light tuna in water (5 oz) contains 90 calories.

  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • High in Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin A, B6, and B12
  • Improves eyesight
  • Enhances hair quality
  • Good for heart – reduces cholesterol in the arteries
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps in weight loss – low in calories and high in proteins & nutrients
  • Vitamin B helps in strengthening of bones and keeps skin healthy
  • Prevents risk of cancer
  • Improves metabolism and also provides energy

Health Benefits of Broccoli

Broccoli is loaded with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other bioactive compounds.

1 cup (91 grams) of uncooked or raw broccoli contains 31 calories, 2.6 gm protein, 11% DA Vitamin A, 135% DA Vitamin C, 10% DA Vitamin B-6 and 2.4g of fiber.

  • High in Vitamin C, A, B-6 and fiber content
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Protects against certain types of cancers – breast cancer, renal/kidney, bladder, prostate, gastric/stomach cancer
  • Controls blood sugar levels
  • Good for heart – Reduces triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol
  • Promotes digestion and reduces constipation issues
  • Improves immunity, thanks to Vitamin C
  • Slows the aging process
  • Low in calories and hence good for weight watchers

Health Benefits of Banana

Though, high in calories, bananas if consumed in limits, helps in weight loss due to its nutritional benefits.

1 medium sized banana contains 105 calories, 3.1 g of fiber, 1.3 g protein, 17% DA Vitamin C, 12% DA of Potassium, 20% DA Vitamin B-6 and 7% DA of magnesium.

  • Rich in fiber, antioxidants and several nutrients
  • Moderates blood sugar levels
  • Improves digestive health thanks to fiber content
  • Aids in weight loss as its is both nutritious and filling
  • Supports heart health – rich in potassium and magnesium
  • Unripe banana improves insulin sensitivity
  • Easier snack option

Health Benefits of Apple

Apples are rich in polyphenols and many other vital nutrients, which is the reason why doctors suggest to eat an apple every day for overall wellbeing.

1 medium apple contains 95 calories, 4 gm fiber, 14% RDI of Vitamin C, 6% Potassium and 5% vitamin K.

  • Rich in fiber, Vitamin C, K, A, E, B1, B2 and B6
  • Contains vital minerals like potassium, manganese, copper
  • Good for weight loss – high in fiber and water
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes
  • Promotes good gut bacteria
  • Plant compounds in apple lowers the risk of cancer
  • Protects your brain
  • Fights asthma

Health Benefits of Grapefruit

Grapefruit is rich in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants, making it one of the best fruits for weight loss and reduced risk of heart disease.

A half medium sized grapefruit contains 52 calories, 2 gms fiber, 64% DA of Vitamin C, 28% DA of Vitamin A, and 3 to 5% DA of Potassium, Thiamine, Folate and Magnesium.

  • Excellent fruit for weight loss
  • Improves your immune system (high vitamin C)
  • Controls appetite for a longer periods
  • Prevents insulin resistance and diabetes
  • Good for heart health – reduces bad cholesterol
  • High in powerful antioxidants – Vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene and flavanones
  • Reduces the risk of kidney stones
  • Contains a lot of water and hence is very hydrating
  • Easy to add to your diet routine

Health Benefits of Eggs

Eggs are considered “superfoods”, mainly because they’re loaded with protein and vital nutrients.

1 large boiled egg contains 78 calories, 6 gm protein, 5% DA of Vitamin A, 10% DA of Vitamin D, E, K and good amounts of Folate, B5, B6, B2, B12, Phosphorus, Selenium, Calcium and Zinc.

Pastured or omega-3 enriched eggs are much better as they contain higher omega-3 fatty acids.

  • High in nutrition value and protein content
  • High in cholesterol, but don’t affect blood cholesterol
  • Improves Good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Contains Choline, which is responsible for building cell membranes and good for brain
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Antioxidants ‘Lutein’ and ‘Zeaxanthin’ are good for eye health
  • Pastured/Omega-3 eggs lowers triglycerides
  • Contains all essential amino acids in the right proportion
  • A very filling meal and helps in losing weight

Health Benefits of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the most popular spreads in the world, all thanks to its delicious taste and nutritional benefits.

It is actually an unprocessed food that is formed when the roasted peanuts are ground until they turn into a paste. However, don’t opt for products that are loaded with added sugar and vegetable oils to enhance the taste. Go for natural peanut butter.

A 2 tbsp (32 g) of peanut butter contains 188 calories, 1.9 g of fiber, 8 gm of protein, vitamin B-6, Magnesium and many vital nutrients.

  • A very good protein source with less carbs and high fats, ideal for low carb diets
  • Contains linoleic acid, a very essential omega-6 fatty acid that is mostly found in vegetable oils
  • Peanut butter is very rich in Vitamin E, B3 (Niacin), B6, Folate, Magnesium, Copper and Manganese
  • It is also high in Biotin, Iron, Potassium, Zinc and Selenium
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Tasty and ideal for weight loss, when used in limits


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