Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Tips & Tricks that Work for Real

Most of the things you hear about the ‘weight loss’ online are myths that are not backed by science.

However, people just blindly follow those weight loss fads without actually thinking about their effectiveness.

And, in this article, we’ve tried to cover the top 15 weight loss tips that are scientifically proven to have significant effect on your weight as well as the overall health.

Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Tips that Work

Scientific Weight Loss Tips & Tricks that Work

1.Hydrate Yourself

According to some studies, drinking enough water everyday not only helps in flushing out the harmful impurities from your body, but also aids in weight loss.

Water helps in improving your metabolism by up to 30% over a period of 60 to 90 minutes and thus help you burn some extra calories.

And, another study has proven that drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before having a meal helped the dieters to eat fewer calories than normal.

Tip: As a general thumb rule, aim to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday i.e., 3 to 4 liters. You can also have a glass of warm water with acv on an empty stomach for best results.

2.Avoid Sugar Completely

If you want me to quote the worst ingredient that makes you put on weight, then the first thing I would say is the ‘Sugar’.

Yes, this simple carb ingredient is said to cause obesity and other diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart problems etc…

If you wanted to lose weight, then it is highly advised to ditch the sugar and other artificial sugar substitutes completely.

Tip: You can instead opt for Natural Stevia to help your sweet tooth and it won’t spike the blood sugar.

3.Stay Away from Refined Carbs

Fast foods like white bread, pasta etc… are considered to be refined carbs as they contain nothing but sugar as the fiber and other nutrients are missing in them.

Refined carb foods are said to spike your Insulin levels so rapidly and can lead to cravings and hunger.

According to science, refined carbs are linked to obesity and hence it is highly advised to either limit them or completely avoid them if possible.

Tip: Try to get the carbs from the foods that are also rich in fiber so that the net carbs will be lower.

4.Try the Low Carb Diet

If you don’t know already, Ketogenic diet plan is one of the best ways to lose weight fast.

You’ll be eating less carbs i.e., under 50 gms per day. You’ll then enter a state called ‘Ketosis’ where your body will be using the stored fat as it is deprived of carbs for its energy needs.

Numerous studies show that high fat, moderate protein and low carb diets can help you lose weight faster than a regular low carb diet.

Tip: Try to go below the 20 gms carb limit if you’re suffering from extreme obesity, else you may go up to 50 gms limit per day for slow and steady weight loss results.

5.Eat a High Protein Breakfast

There are many studies that showed eating a breakfast high in proteins helped the dieters lose more weight than those who skipped their morning meal.

It is said that eating protein early in the morning keeps you more satiated and energetic until noon so that you won’t munch on unhealthy snacks in between the meals.

Tip: Eggs are the best breakfast choice. If you’re a vegetarian, you may have the Cottage Cheese or Whey protein shake.

6.Eat Fiber Rich Foods

Several studies have proven that a healthy gut is necessary to lose weight and also to keep your overall health in check.

And, to get regular bowel movements, you need to eat enough fiber content.

Fiber also increases satiety and helps in long term weight loss.

Tip: Eat more veggies and fruits as they have more fiber and fewer calories.

7.Chew Your Food 32 Times

Do you know that your brain needs at least 15 minutes to register that you’re full?

Yes! If you don’t chew enough, then you’ll be eating more than required in those 15 minutes, which in turn makes you gain weight.

Tip: As a thumb rule, try to chew every piece or bit of food for at least 32 times so that the food is properly digested without wasting time. It also helps you eat fewer calories.

8.Portion Control – Calorie Limit

You might have already known this tip if you’re trying to lose weight since a long time.

Every person needs some calories based on his metabolism, sex, age and lifestyle. And, if you eat fewer calories than those minimum recommended calories per day, then you’ll lose weight.

Likewise, if you exceed that calorie limit, then you’ll put on weight.

It’s that simple!

See: How to count calories to lose weight?

Tip: Use the MyFitnessPal mobile app to keep track of how many calories you’re getting per day.

9.Use Smaller Plates

Eating in smaller plates helped the dieters get fewer calories and thus helped them lose weight in the process.

So, replace your old bigger plates with smaller ones.

Tip: Get a considerably smaller plate and fill it completely so that you’ll think that you’re eating enough. Just a psychological trick that works most of the time.

10.Drink Green Tea or Black Coffee

Green tea has numerous health benefits and one of them being weight management.

It is calorie-free and loaded with caffeine, powerful antioxidants that help enhance fat burning mechanism.

Likewise, the Black Coffee (without milk or sugar) is said to boost your metabolism by 3-11% and can increase fat burning by up to 10 to 29%.

Tip: If you don’t like the bland taste, then just add 1 or 2 drops of Stevia for taste.

11.Keep Healthy & Low Calorie Snacks Around

No matter how hard you try to limit your number of meals, most people tend to cheat in between the meals.

So, it is better to have some healthy snacks handy so that you don’t munch on unhealthy or high carb foods.

Tip: Low calorie snacks include – eggs, yogurt, carrots, nuts, whole fruits, dry roasted peanuts etc…

12.Strength Training – Build Muscle to Burn Fat

Although the cardio workouts like running on the treadmill etc… are good for weight loss, they’re not efficient for long term results.

Strength training on the other hand help you build muscles, which improves your metabolism and burns calories throughout the day after the workout session. So, you’ll actually be burning calories even when you’re resting.

Tip: Invest in a good Gym membership and get a personal trainer if you’ve the budget.

13.Get Enough Sleep

Several studies have proven that sleep deprived individuals are more prone to health risks and is linked to 89% increased risk of obesity.

So, get some good night sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours everyday.

Tip: Stay away from blue light (computer/mobile screen) 1 or 2 hours before going to bed and drink a glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric to get a good night sleep. Track your sleep using the best activity tracker band.

14.Avoid Empty Calories and Fruit Juices

We’ve already said that sugar is bad and the soft drinks contain nothing but empty calories from sugar.

The same goes with fruit juices. You should instead eat the whole fruits without juicing them.

Tip: Have the carbonated water if you still wanted to. It is a zero calorie drink with no sugar.

15.Follow the Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

Final and the most useful weight loss tip that is backed by science is to follow the Intermittent fasting routine.

Well, it is simply a lifestyle routine and not a diet.

You’ll be fasting for 16 hours and eat during the 8 hour eating window. You can also do the 18/4 or 20/2 schedule as long as you feel comfortable.

During the fasting period, your body will have nothing to digest and hence enters into ketosis and burns the stored fat, thereby helping you lose weight naturally.

Tip: I personally follow the 16/8 IF schedule and it works for most people without any issues.

That’s all friends! All these weight loss tips are scientifically proven in the studies conducted on select individuals. So, they may work for you too. All you need is patience and lots of dedication to lose weight. All the best 🙂

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