Military Diet and Seasonings

Seasonings like adding salt, herbs or spices enhances the flavor of our food. Spanish people call it as ‘marinade’. A lot of the Military diet followers have been confused whether to add any spices to their meals or just follow the plan as it is. Fortunately, you can add seasonings to your 3 day military diet meals to enhance their flavor.

However, the only thumb rule to be followed is – the seasons should not contain heavy calories. For a better understanding, I’ve provided a list of the minimum calorie seasonings, which you can add to your meals for a better taste.

Also find the Substitutes for Military Diet.

Military Diet Seasonings

Seasonings for Military Diet

Do note that the caloric value mentioned for the spices below is per 1 teaspoon.

Seasoning Calories (per 1 tsp)
Cummin Seeds 8
Cayenne Pepper Flakes 6
Coriander Leaves 1
Curry Leaves Powder 7
Fresh Thyme 1
Fresh Rosemary 1
Garlic 1
Ginger Root 1
Ground Sage 2
Himalayan Salt 0
Lemon Juice 1
Pepper 0
Turmeric Powder 8

P.S: I’ve skipped the chili powder in the list as 1 tsp contains 22 calories, which will become heavy when you add all the other spices. If you really want to add chili powder, then limit it to just 1/4 or 1/2 tsp.

You can use these seasonings while preparing the meat for the military diet.


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