What Causes Sudden Weight Gain and Bloating?

Everything has a cause and so does, obesity or excess weight. People generally feel that all obese people eat a lot and this is what makes them fat. Well, surprisingly there are many causes which make one gain excess weight. Obesity has taken epidemic proportions in the United States and is a huge cause of worry. Excess weight causes many health problems and must be controlled. Fat people are usually victim of teasing and remarks which dampens them psychologically.

These harmful effects must be avoided by losing weight (follow the 3 day military diet for effective weight loss results). But in order to do so, the underlying cause of excess weight must be found.

What Causes Sudden Weight Gain? Reasons for Obesity Problem

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Here is a list of common causes of obesity in both men and women. Before going into the details, first do know that every person, irrespective of male or female, gain weight if they don’t satisfy the below conditions.

#1.Eating more than what you burn

Research proves that when people eat more than what they expend, weight tends to increase. Think of your body as a machine in which you are overstuffing the oil. If the machine doesn’t work out the energy, it would go waste with time. This is what happens with mindless eating especially starches, sodas, and junk food.

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#2.Lack of exercise

Again in continuation with the last point, you need to expel the body’s energy in the form of some physical activity. If you keep on eating more and do not exercise, the fats get accumulated in the body leading to weight gain.

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#3.Hypo functioning of the thyroid

Sometimes the thyroid gland gets hypoactive leading to lot of weight gain. Thyroid is essential for keeping the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) going. This is the rate at which body burns calories. So, when the functioning gets hampered, body gains weight

#4.Hormonal imbalance

This problem occurs in females. There is an imbalance of hormones like estrogen or PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disorder). This happens due to genetic causes, sedentary lifestyle, stress or more than normal weight.

#5.Emotional eating

Many people take comfort in fatty foods and starches. This usually happens to people who suffer from depression or anxiety disorders or under stress.

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Certain medicines like steroids, anti-depressants lead to weight gain. These disturb the body’s metabolism leading to accumulation of excess fat. One tends to lose weight after these medications are stopped.


This is a very common disorder. It makes the fat cells persistent and insulin resistant and hampers weight loss. Artificial insulin also makes one gain weight especially in the stomach, thighs and hips areas.

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#8.Lack of sleep

A well-rested body is essential for proper functioning. The physiological and biochemical balance is disturbed in less sleep and one tends to gain weight. The coping mechanism fails and one tends to reach out to food.

#9.Stress leads to gain weight

The body’s physiological mechanism gets disturbed due to stress. The body gets into the survival mode and tends to store fats for emergencies.

#10.Eating less

Yes surprisingly one gains weight due to eating less than what is required. Body’s metabolism gets slow and body gets in the survival mode storing the fats. So weight gain ensues.

#11.Eating at odd times

When one eats late night or skips lunch and eats it very late, the body’s metabolism goes haywire and body gains weight. A perfect schedule is essential to maintain healthy weight.

All these causes of weight gain must be looked at to determine the real cause behind excess weight. Only then it can be successfully cured. You have to make lifestyles changes, cure medical conditions, follow healthy lifestyle or maybe get medical advice.

Thus, weight gain has many causes and it is possible to lose weight. Find out what is your cause and work it out accordingly. Stay fit, stay happy.

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